Career Development

AB & David’s Career Programme is designed to recruit the best people, train and develop go-to lawyers and leaders who will pursue a career with AB & David. At whatever level you are joining the firm, we are interested in your APTITUDES in addition to your other qualification and experiences and we help you FOCUS for our mutual benefit.

  • We ensure we both understand the EXPECTATIONS of your employment.
  • We motivate and equip you to improve on your STRENGHTS and GROW in the firm.
  • We appreciate your VALUE to AB & David.
  • We CHALLENGE you and help you grow with each challenge.

Job Application Process

Applicants are required to send an online application consisting a Cover Letter stating why they want to develop a career with AB & David and a two (2) page CV.

Internships & Exchange Programmes

There are two one month vacation placement schemes each year at AB & David; April and July.

Being an intern at AB & David exposes you to all the possibilities that law practice presents. We provide a learning environment for local and international students who are about to complete their law degree or professional law course. When you start your internship with us, you are given the opportunity of working in several of our practice groups. You are assigned a mentor who provides the guidance and assistance that you need for deciding on the practice area that you want to focus on and provides some guides that will be helpful in ensuring a total approach to your career development.

Students who want to be considered for our internship programmes should:

  • have completed at least two years study in law
  • not be more than thirty- five (35) years of age;

Applicants are required to send an online application(marked "Internship") consisting of a Cover Letter stating why they want to do an internship with AB & David and a two (2) page CV.

Exchange Programmes

We value the experiences gained from working with lawyers from diverse backgrounds and other jurisdictions.

We encourage exchange programmes between our lawyers and other law firms.

To apply send your application to or