Client Care

Client Care:

Working for you

We ensure that we understand your goals, vision and apprehensions and we work with you to define all the legal issues, and options which will enable you to arrive at a solution that best achieves your objectives.

Our Professionalism

Our recruitment and training policies ensure that we recruit and retain high calibre staff who understand the needs of your business and the industry that you work in. You are assured of the utmost courtesy and professionalism in our dealings with you.


We take the obligation to keep matters confidential further than that which is required by us under the legal oath we take. Before we agree to work on any matter, we undertake a conflict of interest assessment to ensure that confidentiality is not compromised.

Fee Structure/Options

AB & David adopts a flexible approach towards its billing and is open to consider a reasonable fee structure which provides for an acceptable risk and reward.We employ a combination of hourly charges, negotiated lump sum or percentage based fees.We make sure you are fully aware of the different fee options, the likely costs and charges and the basis of such charges.


We are on call from Monday to Friday and on weekends where you have an emergency. We endeavour to answer all your enquiries promptly.

Case Management

Depending on the subject matter of your case, one of our specialist lawyers will be assigned to work on and keep you updated on the progress of your case. We develop a case plan for each matter based not only on law but on strategy.

Billing / Invoicing

Except for retainer /lump sum or percentage based fees, all invoices shall be accompanied with a summary of actual time spent on a matter.

Added Value

We keep you updated on the impact of existing and proposed legislation and policy on your business through our Business Impact sessions and e- journals.

Client Complaints and Concerns

Any complaints you may have shall be addressed by the case officer and subsequently by a director and CEO where you are not satisfied with how the complaint is resolved.

Annual Client Surveys

Our Annual Client survey allows you to tell us how well we have fared during the year and how we can serve you better.

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