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Isabel Boaten / AB & David

You and I had such different personalities, but we shared the same values about true love, spirituality, family, and friendship, and that was our special bond.

“Your chair “ in my office is still where it used to be. No Nana Serwah to pull the chair close to mine and tell me about the happenings of the day, about Nike or simply to continue our endless conversations about everything and nothing. I play back your WhatsApp voice notes and I am transported to those different moments- I smile, or laugh out loud, or cry. But its all beautiful.

You had an amazing capacity to love and give off yourself to the motley lot of people who came into your life “stray dogs” not excepted.

Each day comes with different emotions- sadness, pain, anger, disbelief …
But God has reminded me of who you were Nana Serwah! You were passionate about life. You never let fear hold you back from anything you really wanted to do or experience. So, I understand now , you left us in Nana Serwah style, doing exactly what you wanted.

You were amazing in life, and I know you will continue to be amazing where you are now- resting in the Lord.

Love you always.